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How the Slots Work

The functioning system of the modern day's slot machines is no longer commanded by the movement of spinning reels, but rather by a state of the art computer, that it is integrated into a classic looking design.

The computer inside the machine regulates the different stopping points from the reels, using small amounts of electrical power. These controlled electricity shocks, unlike the electrical current that we all know, have the ability to control with extreme precision the movement and stopping from the reels.

Although some may think that the machine is being programmed to pay out certain amounts at different time, actually another digital gadget is involved in the determination of the payouts: the generator of random number. So, the RNG is to blame for determining the exact same number of chances of scoring winnings.

The RNG generates hundreds of number using an interval that ranges up to several billions. This happens in each second it is on. The RNG generates a different number each time the start or spin button is activated. This number will be associated with an existing program to a stopping position of each reel inside the machine.

The 3-reel Slot Machine Working Phases

Each time you activate the spin or start button from the machine, the inside computer gets 3 new numbersof the RNG and determines the position from each reel like this: first number - first reel, second number - 2nd reel and so on. For example purposes let's use this number: 987,654,321.

On every activation of the start button or handle of a slot, the inside computer loads one number for each of the reels, numbers that are generated from the RNG. After this, a simple mathematical process is started, which will generate a unique number which will command the exact stopping point for each and every reel. To exemplify this we will choose the value 333.

The computer of the slots then divides the number received from the RNG by numbers that are multiples of 32 and up to 512. Because no similar programs are using for the machines, for exemplification purposes, we will suppose that the inside computer is programmed for the 32 values.

The result of the calculation is 14 with 2 as a remainder. Having the remainder shows us that only thirty two possible results can be generated. Then, the computer will determine 32 stopping places for a 32 stops computerized reel.

The calculated stops are also the exact stopping points for each reel. Of course, on to the reel there are no 32 stops, so each real stopping point has more computerized stops determined for it. Add all 3 reels in the calculation and you will get exponential results.

These modern slot machines present a huge advantage by using this operating process. The inside computer generates by itself the amounts of money paid out and winning or losing streaks. The level of supervision for each of the machines is much lower and the output of each of to the machine is mathematically controlled.