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Having the knowledge about slot terms and slang is the best way of reducing frustration about different type of games or game rules that sometime may be to complex.

The Bonus Slots table of Casino terminology is dedicated to novice players. Below we will find the most and main common phrases and key words used in most of casinos and Internet games.

Bonus slots: Games inside games. Some slot machines feature bonus games that are activated when you get a secret combination.


A predetermined pattern of symbols presented in a pay chart, with a predetermined amount of winnings allocated to it.


All kinds of bonuses, goodies and/or free merchandise that you may get in exchange for playing in a casino.


One unit of money. On $5 game, the $20 payment will buy you 4 credits in total.


  • The amount of money payable for one credit on a slot machine; the amounts range from 1 penny to as high as 100$ per credit
  • An amount of money equal to the deposit that a new member of a casino is receiving when registering for the initial time.
  • A free program that gives you the possibility of enjoying online casino games with no additional software required


The money storage for a slot machine. For the modern slots this devices is no longer used due to use of paper vouchers.


Jackpot is the highest win possible in a casino slot game in gambling.

Loyalty points:

Free bonuses obtained for playing than can be transformed into money

Max bet:

Max bet is the highest amount of credit possible to be inserted one time on a video game or machine

Multi-line Slots:

These are the games which have more than 3 paying line; even more then 100 lines


A slot or video game sign that can stand for other ones and that supplements the real value of the combination into which it comes to there.

No Deposit:

Free money that internet video games websites offer to new registered players in order to stimulate their real money games in gambling.

Pay Table:

The screen that presents combination, multipliers and all the games features.


The patterns in which most of the symbols have to arrange in order to score winnings


The money that you get for scoring a winning combination or as an special symbol

Payout Percentage:

An indicator that calculates the rates for which a slot machine will give winning combinations

Poker Slots:

Another expression for video poker

Progressive Slot:

This is another type of slot games that has a jackpot that is cumulative


It is the visible parts on which symbols and winning combinations appear to the player

Reload Bonus:

A casino will sometimes offer as a bonus the same amount of money on multiple credit buys

Slots Tournament:

A competition in which players have to collect as much credits as soon possible in a specific time frame in order to win a fixed prize.

Video Slot:

These are slots that are commanded by computer software.


Symbols that can replace other game signs in order to create a winning combination