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Pay Table

A pay table or pay chart - is a predetermined table of a slot or video game. The pay table, for example indicates the multiplier for each number of that coins played in case of a winning combination.

Long time ago, when slots were complex mechanical marvels, the pay tables were shits of paper that presented the winning combinations for every type of slot machine. On the modern digital, video or online games the winning combination list is presented at the touch of o button.

Slot Machines and Pay Tables

The classic 3 reel machine had a very simple and easy to remember pay chart. Nowadays there are endless combinations on our video or internet slots. There are very common now, the machines with more the 40 lines that can generate winnings. The bets also can be very complex; multiple amounts of money can be placed for multiple lines.

The combinations range from straight geometrical lines to the more imaginative combinations. If you add also the special bonuses that can be found on the screen we definitely need a help screen to guide you through the maze of a modern slot machine. Help screen usually can give you all the information you need about the game, informing you on betting possibilities or types of combinations needed to open special features.

Always look at the list of Winning Combinations

Never forget to inform yourself about the real value of each symbol and each symbol combination. The progression is intended to be as simple as possible, but due to the ever growing list of combinations the table should be a little overwhelming.

If you wish to have a very simple list of values for the symbols, some slot machines come with stories. Well, sometimes these stories are not very common and some symbols are not self explanatory, so never forget to have a list a short look at the pay screen. We really think that you will find information like: maximum bet means maximum win very important for your overall game. You will notice that your level of frustration will be considerable lower when you know exactly the values for the symbols and combinations and of course the "rules of the game" - and not only the frustration will be lower but you fun greater.

Not looking at the pay chart is like a quarterback that hasn't learned its playbook. Read this information to find out the different values of all the strange symbols, the needed combinations for surprise games, payout combinations and so on. You definitely don't want to bet your own money in a game for which you do not know the rules.

The most complex games can be found on the Internet (countless winning lines and who now how many winning possibilities). The rules screen will reveal to all the secret bonuses, the types of betting you have to do, and most important the right places in which symbols have to be make you rich.

The Total Payout

The internet slot machines will automatically give you information about the total amounts that you won and also will present you the best combinations that you may have hit saving you a lot of headaches. But it is the best way to know the rules always - always read the real pay table and don't play blindly.