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Progressive Slots

Always play maximum bet:

If you try to hit the greatest win possible we must play maximum bet. Wheter if you get the right combination of symbols for the great win, you wont get that if you don't play at the maximum bet.

Use all the Payable Lines:

If you wish to start forward for the progressive jackpot in video slot, maximum bet is not enough. Play also all the winning lines. If you don't play all the lines you may encounter situations that winning combinations come on lines for which you didn't pay. No winnings are granted for those one. So, always try to play all the lines.

In Poker go Big:

High pairs must be split to get the jackpot. The royal flush is the only combination that will give you access to the progressive jackpot. Small hands will give you some money back, but until you split them you wont reach the high hands. On a short term game breaking the pairs will look like losing a lot of money: that's until you hit that royal flush.

Side Bets always On:

In gamesas such as the Stud Poker of Caribbean to hit the progressive of the jackpot that you will have to make the side bets. Not taking in consideration the side bets will generate no jackpot, although if you wish to hit the highest winning hand possible. The payout for the specific hand will be yours except jackpot.

Use separate Money for Progressive Machines:

This one is not a must but it can ashore you some money when you live the game. Progressive jackpots are not daily. Even 24 hours in front of the machine will not get you the jackpot. In this case dedicate specific money for progressive jackpots and other for the usual games. Like this you could be able to get smaller prizes that will add up to the total in case you don't hit the maximum payout possible.